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Expert Testimony & Affidavits


FERC ER21-1637: ISO-NE Cost of New Entry / Offer Review Trigger Price Update.


MA DPU 20-120: National Grid Gas Rate Case.


FERC ER20-1567: ISO-NE Energy Security Improvements (ESI).


FERC ER19-1428: ISO-NE Inventoried Energy Program (IEP).

Publications (Articles, Whitepapers, Reports, &c.)


B.W. Griffiths, 2021, “Harnessing TOU Rate Complexity to Reduce Residential EV Charging Costs.”


B.W. Griffiths, 2020, “Algorithmically Developing Efficient Time-of-Use Electricity Rates.”


B.W. Griffiths, 2020, “Revenue for Energy Storage Participating in ISO-NE Energy and Reserves Markets: Alternative ORTP EAS Offset Estimates.” Presented to NEPOOL Markets Committee. (For related presentations, see Presentation 3).


B.W. Griffiths, 2020, “Expensive, Ineffective, & Occasionally Counterproductive: Clean Peak Standards Simulation Results for New England.”


Mass Attorney General’s Office (M. Hoffer, R. Tepper, B.W. Griffiths, &c.) and Regulatory Assistance Project, 2020, “Wholesale Electric Market Design for a Low/No-Carbon Future: Report on the October 2019 Symposium & Proposed Next Steps”.


B.W. Griffiths, “Reducing emissions from consumer energy storage using retail rate design.” Energy Policy (Volume 129, June 2019, Pages 481-490).


Synapse Energy Economics (P. Knight, M. Chang, D. White, N. Peluso, F. Ackerman, J. Hall), Resource Insight (P. Chernick, B.W. Griffiths), etc. 2018. Avoided Energy Supply Components in New England: 2018. Synapse Energy Economics and others for Avoided-Energy-Supply-Component (AESC) Study Group.


P. Chernick and B.W. Griffiths, October 26, 2018, “Review of NS Power Compliance Filing on its Proposed AMI Opt-Out Charge” Filed by the Nova Scotia Consumer Advocate in N.S. UARB Matter No. M08349.


B.W. Griffiths, 2017, “Finding Carbon Breakeven: Induced Emissions from Economic Operation of Energy Storage in Renewables-Heavy Electricity Systems.”


B.W. Griffiths, C.W. King, G. Gülen, J.S. Dyer, D. Spence, and R. Baldick, 2018, “State Level Financial Support for Electricity Generation Technologies” White Paper UTEI/2018-1-1.


B.W. Griffiths, G. Gülen, J.S. Dyer, D. Spence, and C.W. King, 2017, “Federal Financial Support for Electricity Generation Technologies” White Paper UTEI/2016-11-3.


R. Hornby, P. Chernick, D. White, J. Rosenkranz, R. Denhardt, E. A. Stanton, J. Gifford, B. Grace, M. Chang, P. Luckow, T. Vitolo, P. Knight, B.W. Griffiths, B. Biewald. 2013. Avoided Energy Supply Costs in New England: 2013 Report. Synapse Energy Economics for Avoided-Energy-Supply-Component (AESC) Study Group.


P. Chernick and B.W. Griffiths, 2012, “Affordability of Pollution Control on the Apache Coal Units: Review of Arizona Electric Power Cooperative’s Comments on Behalf of the Sierra Club.” Filed as part of comments in Docket EPA-R09-OAR-2012-0021 by National Parks Conservation Association, Sierra Club, et al.



B.W. Griffiths, 2020, “A (Gentle) Introduction to Wholesale Markets”. Presented as part of the Mass AGO's Teach-in on ISO-NE, NEPOOL, and wholesale power markets December 9, 2020.


B.W. Griffiths, 2020, “Value of Electric Vehicle Time-of-Use Retail Rates for Massachusetts Customers”. Presented on behalf of the Mass AGO at the MA DPU Docket 20-69 Tech Sessions on December 3, 2020.


B.W. Griffiths, 2020, “AGO Alternative Storage Energy & Ancillary Services Revenue Estimates for ORTP Reset”, Successive Presentations to NEPOOL Markets Committee: September 8-10, 2020, October 6-8, 2020, and, November 9-10, 2020. (For related report, see Publication 11).


B.W. Griffiths and C.Belew, 2019-2020. “Amendments to the ISO-NE Energy Security Improvements Proposal” to (1) Elimination of the Replacement Energy Reserve; (2) Add a Lookback Provision. Successive Presentations to NEPOOL Markets Committee on September 3-4, 2019, January 14, 2020, February 14, 2020, March 11, 2020, and March 24, 2020.


London Economics International and the Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General, 2019, “Chapter 3 Preliminary Proposal”, Presentation to NEPOOL Markets Committee on March 6, 2019.